Top minds in the IT industry shared their insights on what AIOps can do for IT Operations. They covered capabilities supported by AIOps including visibility and alerting.

Oleg Boyko, CTO at Exadel shared his thoughts about AIOps:

“AIOps is the quintessential analysis of application data coming from the hosting platform, systems logs, Continuous Monitoring tools, CI/CD events, as well as many other sources which can be gradually added as the practice matures (e.g. QA results/metrics output, incidents tracking, etc.) With the help of AI and ML and minimal human intervention, AIOps solutions are able to comb through aggregated data, identify the most relevant pieces of information and correlate them using deterministic analysis. This is the most exciting part of AIOps as it gives way to the true cognitive operations support capable of predicting (and possibly mitigating) incidents before they fully manifested themself in the application’s ecosystem.”

Read the full article on APMdigest to know more about other AIOps capabilities, such as end-to-end visibility, anomaly detection etc.

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